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Here at Tax-Keeping by AC, we help simplify tax management while providing valuable advice and insights for making informed strategic decisions, as tax compliance laws are constantly changing we are here to help you plan and stay ahead of the game.

Save time and money by allowing us to handle your company’s tax needs every step of the way, providing you the knowledge to help you make proper business decisions. Most importantly, you will be able to run your business with the peace of mind that your business is compliant with all local, state and federal requirements. As your trusted tax advisor we will be by your side to ensure accuracy and strategic planning to ensure we save you the most on your taxes.


(Schedule C)

S Corp / Partnership

(1120 / 1065)

Franchise Tax


In Tax-Keeping by AC, we tailor our strategies to your company’s needs, identifying opportunities that will help you minimize long-term tax burdens, offering solutions to implement a comprehensive tax-efficient strategy, and accurately filing your annual tax returns.

We can help your business save money through effective tax planning and identification of tax-saving opportunities at a price you can afford.

Be in control today and ready for tomorrow.

Our Business Tax Services


Business and Tax Consulting Services

Whether you’re experiencing challenges, internal changes, or need a new business strategy to reflect your goals for the future, Tax-Keeping by AC is here to help. We deliver expert management consultation services, providing our clients with a deep knowledge of their specific industry’s challenges, operations, and best practices.

Tax and Accounting Services

Tax-Keeping by AC offers remote tax services that ensure secure upload of tax documents, effective communication, and file submission. Let us help you file your business or personal tax return and transform the usual stress season to leisure.

Small Businesses and Startup Tax & Accounting Services

Starting a new business involves taking a great deal of time researching, planning, and finding the right team to help build it. But, as the company begins to grow, entrepreneurs may spend valuable time managing money, the time they could use to grow the business.

Tax Preparation Services

Preparing tax returns can be a real burden for most people. If you’re ready to save time and money while reducing your stress level during tax season, count on us to take over your tax preparation.

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We are here by appointment only to answer all of your small business tax questions while providing reliable, and outstanding customer service.
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